Monday, 21 March 2011


Hi, thought I should start posting on our blog and maybe explain a bit about Jam and Tea and the point of having this blog.

So Jam and Tea is our way of trying to make a difference really. We've had some great ideas and got really passionate about doing community focussed stuff in Maidstone but never really had a vehicle for it. So we created a vehicle, now we have to do stuff.

I feel like the name should be explained too.
It was borne out of jam nights/afternoons we started having a few years ago, one of our great ideas (maybe). The point of the jam nights was to get musicians together who weren't confidant enough to get up to an open mic but might just play about musically in an unfinished way and jam with like minded people. So the word Jam is really reflecting that creative process, of getting people together to create and grow ideas and initiatives but not necessarily have to have a finished product. I guess to jam is to continually play and create, in that process (to follow the music analogy) you might write a song but it doesn't matter if you don't. That's why we're called Jam, because we want to jam with ideas of creativity and sustainability and community. Oh and jam's nice too, especially the stuff given by a friend they made in their kitchen with another friend's fruit.
The word tea follows jam quite easily but also helps to describe the sort of community we're about. Especially when talking about a cafĂ©. Tea (and coffee, we're not anti-coffee but I think we like tea more) is a great social event, 'shall I put the kettle on?' surely means sit down, let's have a chat and while we're at it let's have drink. Also the whole process of brewing tea is relaxed, it takes time, can't be rushed and (especially in a pot) is social. You create something beautiful everytime too, just watch the leaves infusing into the water next time you get the chance.
So Jam and Tea is  people getting together for a lovely cup of tea jamming about ideas for their community.

The point of this blog then... 
is to post things that have caught our interest and to get other people's comments on them.
It's also a place for us to draft ideas for the website, company and future and again most importantly get comments from you to help us make this a community focused project.
So let me know what you think of my ramble and maybe thanks to you an edited version of it might eventually appear on the website.



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