Thursday, 17 February 2011

Jam and Tea Blog

So Tim and I thought that it would be really good to have a blog on the website. As we're both still very much feeling our way when it comes to this web design malarkey, we thought it would be easier to use an existing blog site and then somehow embed it within Hopefully you are reading this from within the site, and if you were unaware of that it was actually being hosted elsewhere, then clearly we are better at this than we had thought.

The reason that we wanted to include a blog is that we want there to be a space for people to interact with what we are doing. We're hoping that Jam and Tea will grow into a community of people who are sharing thoughts and ideas, and inspiring each other towards a better way of living.

We also just want a space where we can post things that have inspired us, or that we just feel are worth shouting about. Hopefully through this you will get to know a bit more about us as individuals - our likes and dislikes; the things that make us tick and the things that make us mad. You'll also probably find out that we don't always agree - and hey, that's ok too.


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